Bursting Star, Fading Felicity

The light of the day vanishes as the dark quiet night takes over. We all live the day, schedule our own share of tasks. In the darkness of the night, I shall fall into the memories, cherished, felt and to live with. From the roses at her doorstep, to live with the wish it happened. … Continue reading Bursting Star, Fading Felicity

● Enticing Mystery, desired concord

Tiredness soring, the weekend comes to an end. Another couple of days to make it. Normally quiet, how active to be when the weekend fed in limited energy. Her spirituality encircles her like an empty room. Dim sunlight passing through the dusty wooden walls. The basics of good old furniture with humidity paving its way. … Continue reading ● Enticing Mystery, desired concord

Inherited Wisdom, Reactive Emotions

Yesterday is gone, yet what has been felt shall be remembered. Opportunities are endless as far as we are restless. Yet the mind we breed derives its thoughts from the shadow of the past. For the instance we dive to drive, the gloomy cold self shall not fade out. To anticipate comes from setbacks. far … Continue reading Inherited Wisdom, Reactive Emotions