Dew of Solace

Meticulous as her eyes reflect the rising sun. The usual symphony of vehicles slides by. Not another day goes by when his eyes link with hers. The tale of multiple similarities with constant differences, in her, he finds his resolve. One could have been awake for years, yet awakening emotions will still send you into a whirlpool of pure euphoria. Not a burst of excitement, it is just one of those meticulous ways his fingers entangled with hers, The warmth she exerts as the scenery reels into different hues. It may be all but fragile… it may not be silky fluid swaying hair, but she remains the adorable lady whose eyes remain bliss to get engrossed.

Will it be subtle hugs or clinging to her as her emotion links me to her again and again? I would still ask myself again and again, should I just…. just lose myself in her enigmatic ecstasy? She unleashes multiple instances of softness with her very own personality, firm and resolved. A lady of endless possibilities to inspire her very own heart. Not to be conquered, not to be coaxed, she is the one who blossoms my emotions.

The lady

There is peace at sunrise that surpasses all understanding. It’s a renewal. A feeling that anything is possible. This particular thing about still waiting to catch a glimpse of her each morning, same place, same solace, her pace of emotion in motion remains my utopia.

It will always be thousands of questions making up equations, her inner spark. As the days flow, the glow I entail is her flow of pure love. At dawn light, her eyes light, a girl she is, a girl with a heart of blessed feelings. Her heartbeat, vibrating to my thoughts, gliding high. Her charm is the flame she sets in me.

I shall still ponder on how she is so mythical. One kiss of emotions vibing passion. Eyes closed to unseconded kiss. Years come to a standstill, she is the one whom the child in me holds by my fingertips. No teasing her, no tantalizing. Yet to make it all right. All I have is perfectly imperfect courage… into holding her close as she bursts into my clumsiness. She is the lady, her emotions: dew of solace to my ultimate calm chaos.

Author Soovan SD

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