♦ Cast Loneliness Away

The second voice within us, it cannot be affirmed as a meaningless whisper. From the days of being a kid to the person you are now. Each and every time, we dug within our own self. The act of self questioning before embarking on any venture. What will it hold for me? Humans strive not … Continue reading ♦ Cast Loneliness Away

◇ Invisible Affection Eternal Emotions

Emotions remain the unseen bond which each person safeguards. As our age go by it alters between parents, siblings and partner. The affection shared towards a mother remains the most powerful form of pure love. Irrespective of race and species - it goes as a universal language. Over and above puberty, we are all inclined … Continue reading ◇ Invisible Affection Eternal Emotions

♦ The Invisible Rule

Privacy and confidentiality of your own self is gradually fading out. There is that feeling we all hold back. It is not always a feature we will open up about. Our own identity our own perception towards ourselves... Aside striving to meet up to what our dear ones look to accomplish by our side... There … Continue reading ♦ The Invisible Rule

♦ A Distinctive inner self.

Through our interpretation of our own selves, to what extent do we allow to convey constructive thoughts? By our default outlay as human beings, we always seek what builds us - empowers us. Irrespective of who you are, you will be having two distinct facets. We are never friends with anybody unless the person triggers … Continue reading ♦ A Distinctive inner self.

♦ Be the Lady you recognized when you were a Girl.

Ladies out there you don’t need Int Women’s day or Girl’s day to know you are. Being a lady is more than just conceiving, changing your surname or adjusting to a new family structure. Most women out there fail to acknowledge that when you are a girl – you grow up much quicker than you … Continue reading ♦ Be the Lady you recognized when you were a Girl.

♦ The Quagmire of Revolution

The battle of emotions against actions have been present all the way throughout numerous thresholds. The wild resides within its environment predators and endless species that coexist as an ecosystem. We have the fundamentals of emotional forecasting. We are either Opportunists or an Altruist. We take the case of an Alligator versus a Shark, both … Continue reading ♦ The Quagmire of Revolution


The morning dew comes as a result of the heat that radiated yesterday. It might have been a hard day, hustling from start to finish. As the sun goes down, we dwell within those few hours of sleep. It may seem meaningless to take out a mere couple of hours out of the whole twenty-four. … Continue reading ♦ GO FOR IT OR LET IT GO

♦ The Scar that bleeds Emotions

As humans,we always remember things which hurt us the most. From disappointment to deceit... Somehow we fail to treasure happiness for, pain is always within us... As humble people with emotions all of us comforts ourselves as per what we expect. We fail to accept that we all wake up with the thought of wanting … Continue reading ♦ The Scar that bleeds Emotions

♦ Mathematical Bliss of Life

Pondering over mathematical formulas and problems have been regarded as continuous hassle. Over decades, most humans failed to purely recognise the simplicity of equations. There comes a point where you are lost in a quagmire of infinite variables mostly governed by “What if” scenario. Humans by default are engaged in taking into account redundant and … Continue reading ♦ Mathematical Bliss of Life

♦ The Bad Fellow

Each coin has two sides… as he walked down the lane, memories rushed through his mind. Once upon a time things used to be different, out of the blue decisions have changed the fallacy approach. He roamed around his own identity looking for his true image. There was once a little boy. Innocence is the … Continue reading ♦ The Bad Fellow