Bursting Star, Fading Felicity

The light of the day vanishes as the dark quiet night takes over. We all live the day, schedule our own share of tasks. In the darkness of the night, I shall fall into the memories, cherished, felt and to live with. From the roses at her doorstep, to live with the wish it happened. … Continue reading Bursting Star, Fading Felicity

● Enticing Mystery, desired concord

Tiredness soring, the weekend comes to an end. Another couple of days to make it. Normally quiet, how active to be when the weekend fed in limited energy. Her spirituality encircles her like an empty room. Dim sunlight passing through the dusty wooden walls. The basics of good old furniture with humidity paving its way. … Continue reading ● Enticing Mystery, desired concord

● Happiness blossomed ?

Twitchy, the evening was all he would wish for. A day hindered by unusual circumstances and events, thoughts rushed as he made his way to the room. Moist, humid weather the cold breeze that sailed by was not enough to bring his mind to rest. Polite yet engaging through she mystery she has been. On … Continue reading ● Happiness blossomed ?

■ Be Thankful for the Selfish World we live in.

The basics of social bonds could be good friendships, selfless aid and continuous good humanitarian support. How far have we reached? As far as the usual traits are concerned, our society sets benchmarks. How beneficial are we to another? How far are we acceptable to our circle? To what extent is our lifestyle aligned to … Continue reading ■ Be Thankful for the Selfish World we live in.

♦ Dream

Its human to dream but what is the reality of dreams in our lives? A dream is all about pride. Achievable dreams is not obsession. Empowered with the desire to go foward and make the challenges become opportunities is what actually is called make dreams come true. Humans actually do not really miss out on … Continue reading ♦ Dream