♦ Cast Loneliness Away

The second voice within us, it cannot be affirmed as a meaningless whisper. From the days of being a kid to the person you are now. Each and every time, we dug within our own self. The act of self questioning before embarking on any venture. What will it hold for me?

Humans strive not to meet basic needs we strive to satisfy what we seek as important. From food to clothing, from shelter to vehicle, we can easily lay our hands on which ever we seek. The standard and ability to procure what we desire is driven by what surrounds us. The connections we make, the identity we forge, the personality we endorse, above all we acknowledge these to serve a purpose. The ease of access to bring the warmth of achieving it.

We are born alone, we think alone, what makes the difference between two individuals is the ability to turn the environment into capabilities and possibilities. The illusion created by friendship. From our tender age we have been taught friends light up surroundings, we agree to the artificial support of a certain person at a certain period of time to serve the purpose we already know.

Persistence to achieve, it is a trait we fail to adhere to. Education allows us to grow as academics however skills are harvested as per experience and encounters. In between numerous encounters, we learn through lessons while memories allow us to shed loneliness away. The importance that individual created, the impact a mere person may have, can be just translated into factual education which synchronises our feelings and logic towards what we seek in the future.

While being persistent and the outcome goes wayward we term it as guilt. For, as a person we failed to adjust the correct behaviour and impression. What goes in without us dictating it is usually has more repercussions than the universal cautious approach. The strong is defined by his ability to conceal emotional conduct, while the weak is termed as the person who seeks to safeguard relations.

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