We Promised Christmas – Together

Christmas star is symbolical to the most dazzling northern star. Standing out, leading the emotions we cherish. As I grew, my faith in Christmas meant the day of the year where new born joy and hope rekindled.

To be loved, feel the wave of affection as we marched through the storm, I held you in my good faith. Lighting might struck to illuminate short lived spark. Whilst I aimed for the new sunlight to envelope heartfelt bliss.

In you I found hope of being accepted, a desire to be felt different yet sublime. Life has never been short, as memories create the lengthy spell. The magic of lighting up a home.

I may choose to love you from afar. Happiness blossomed from how I have been allowed to liberate myself from the trenches. You are the light to my magical moments. With you comes, an inspired approach to compassion. It may be adorned with fond memories of family. Or just maybe fond memories of you.

Laughter buzzing the true foundation, shed the tear of happiness. May your kindness shine brightest, with or without you, I shall hope to witness your wildest dreams with a cheer from the heart.

With you Christmas is a gift wrapped in a hug, home as cozy as dusk, the dew to life freshness. I wish for your connectivity to set life aglow. You testify my inner peace.

Author Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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