2.0 to 2.1

It has been a year. A year where many inevitable and unmatched events happened. A year where we lost to our dreams, Hope and goals. Most awaited events turned out to be nightmares.

As we grew, understanding how different it is set to be. The flame of good hope lighting up. It became a must to reinvent, accept the deepest of wounds, live with the invisible scars while our very own perception of our surroundings turned into an enigma.

Your time has come to rise from the ashes. Spread those fiery wings, reincarnate from your bruises. Elevate your own standards. Believe in your beliefs, adhere to your principles.

From 2.0 2.0, set your might to turn it into 2.0 2.1. Bring that minimum change to start with. One action a day, one act of good faith. Not a rainbow tale, yet that glim ray of light at the end of the tunnel should light up the burning desire to set the pace for more.

Author Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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