♦ Transparent Shield to Opaque Outcome – Covid-19 or Warfare?

The recent days, multiple media outlets and world affairs are centered and gravitated around the warfare in Ukraine. To the layman not much has been explained and no simple information shared, We all understand there will be economic outcomes and multiple individual lives will be claimed while defined as the fight for freedom,

For the world’s population, multiple issues from the constant multifaceted approach to Covid-19 and its bearings which has suddenly been outcasted by the Ukrainian war medley. Out of nowhere, Covid-19 is just another illness? While the population of certain countries is still bounded by laws crafted by Covid-19?

We are taught to share love, live in peace, create harmony… How far? How long? Until when?

Are we really individuals who understand the link each and every human shares? Inadvertently, we are moving to what has been slavery redefined? The opaque window of individuals not asserting their logical approach, individuals not understanding the true picture of the ever changing enviroment.

Each action, each outcome, each scenario has reasons to exist/// they have their motive to define multiple perspectives.

War has spearheaded inventions and redefined the future, for who by whom?

Soovan Sharma DOOKHOO

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