Are We at Peace?

Peace… the calm and smooth state which defines us as the desired emotional state. As we grow and experience different moments, encounter different individual,s and learn to surpass obstacles or embrace what we define as acceptable to ourselves. Our definition of solace evolves.

Our usual work environment

We wish for joyful and that invisible friendship or cordial bond. Or simpy await to be at bay: with each and every possible outcome which may go wayward or not as per our pre defined expectations. Maintaining that significant balance between frustration, emotional imbalance and bursts of anger where and when our expectations are not met. Dampening and suffocating with different experiences; shall have dire consequences as long as all those involved allow it to take over the cordial bond or the smooth state.

Emotions and responsibilities

To be at peace with oneself relies on how far one has accepted and endorse the different aspects which defines us. The difference which makes us who we are, is the difference with imperfections. The difference with past encounters, from the slightest tickle to the resounding blow, each one comes with its own share of how it affects the present and interactions with our surroundings.

Identity and the community

Our identity is defined by pre-set margins, or actions which did have an impact. How we act, What did we contribute or how we react. They all somewhere and somehow set the margins to a specific group, community and sense of belonging as per certain functionalities. Irrespective of encounters; never substitute your ideologies and above all your inner peace. Everything around you shall change except who you are.



Soovan Sharma DOOKHOO

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