● Happiness blossomed ?

Twitchy, the evening was all he would wish for. A day hindered by unusual circumstances and events, thoughts rushed as he made his way to the room. Moist, humid weather the cold breeze that sailed by was not enough to bring his mind to rest.

Polite yet engaging through she mystery she has been. On the instance she was just another guest. Everyone would just go around with the hype of the evening.

Her gaze was the touch of Kyanite, she blossoms through her own treasured happiness. Around the room, filled with the warm musky flow. Uniqueness would barely substitute the theme of the evening. Yet she shone out of the gloomy, knackered self. How far might her mind click to bring up her true reflection.

Walking up to her, grimmer as her nearness should have sparked the good flow of energy. Where did it stall…. think voice with hindrances across multiple questions?

Warmth of the opposite stellar individual. Captive yet another quagmire, would her smile have inspired the burst of her refreshed awaken lady?

Author: Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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