■ Hibernate – your moment of consciousness.

Spur your routine, what had been your most cherished moment of the day? Who would you be eager to share it with? One moment, the instance. Feel the warmth. Your eyes may speak to the world, allow it communicate to you. One heart beat, its another rush. Breathe what you feel, breathe with your mind. … Continue reading ■ Hibernate – your moment of consciousness.

One last click?

Before the midnight thunder resounds, I would just allow myself to flow in the stream of mixed emotions. As the winds swayed through the damp forest, I seek your scent into mesmerising me. Either as soothing as dark wood or as captive as the sea breeze from horizons. Not a pot of gold, nor a … Continue reading One last click?

■ Tribute to a Woman on Duty – she should not be forgotten.

25.11.2020 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Violence against women and girls takes many forms, including rape, domestic violence, harassment at work, abuse in school, female genital mutilation and sexual violence in armed conflicts.These forms of violence are widespread throughout the globe, and perpetrators often go unpunished.International Day for the Elimination of … Continue reading ■ Tribute to a Woman on Duty – she should not be forgotten.

For Him – By Her

To be loved for real. Feel the unseen affection each and every day. The heart links our brain with emotional enigma. Are we understood? He is proud, she answered his why... Endless days, multiple restrictions yet emotions stood out. We feel, we interact yet that one person makes the whole difference. A man shall be … Continue reading For Him – By Her

● Revive True Love, Fading Darkness

We feel emotions. As long as nourished it will flourish. The timeline of human emotions triggers multiple chapters. We communicate with the heart. Lifestyle changes upon the importance of priorities. Slight variations come with ripples of assumptions. The Why to the When? How it was and Now it is scars. Constant wounds unseen. Looking for … Continue reading ● Revive True Love, Fading Darkness

Bursting Star, Fading Felicity

The light of the day vanishes as the dark quiet night takes over. We all live the day, schedule our own share of tasks. In the darkness of the night, I shall fall into the memories, cherished, felt and to live with. From the roses at her doorstep, to live with the wish it happened. … Continue reading Bursting Star, Fading Felicity

● Enticing Mystery, desired concord

Tiredness soring, the weekend comes to an end. Another couple of days to make it. Normally quiet, how active to be when the weekend fed in limited energy. Her spirituality encircles her like an empty room. Dim sunlight passing through the dusty wooden walls. The basics of good old furniture with humidity paving its way. … Continue reading ● Enticing Mystery, desired concord

Inherited Wisdom, Reactive Emotions

Yesterday is gone, yet what has been felt shall be remembered. Opportunities are endless as far as we are restless. Yet the mind we breed derives its thoughts from the shadow of the past. For the instance we dive to drive, the gloomy cold self shall not fade out. To anticipate comes from setbacks. far … Continue reading Inherited Wisdom, Reactive Emotions

● Happiness blossomed ?

Twitchy, the evening was all he would wish for. A day hindered by unusual circumstances and events, thoughts rushed as he made his way to the room. Moist, humid weather the cold breeze that sailed by was not enough to bring his mind to rest. Polite yet engaging through she mystery she has been. On … Continue reading ● Happiness blossomed ?

● Beloved, the ultimate togetherness with Her.

When the heart stirs feelings. The most powerful emotions come with it's set of dilemma. I still wish to have sat down looked into her eyes to tell her how she still means more than before. Falling apart was never what we spoke about... She's been far, as the days went by, the cry grew … Continue reading ● Beloved, the ultimate togetherness with Her.